A popular plant sale marks the end of pandemic restrictions by returning to Eastmoreland upcoming in May
BY ELIZABETH USSHER GROFF | April 30, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.


Franz Bakery Outlet Store on SE 45th closes permanently

For decades, Inner Southeast families have made weekly trips to patronize the Franz Store near Johnson Creek Blvd


'Lightening Society Salon' opens in Brooklyn

Yes, "Lightening" is a pun, as are many har salon names! Read on, for details of this new Inner Southeast business...


Sellwood Community House creates 'Cranes for Ukraine' origami art

The Sellwood Community House decides to support Ukraine by making and gifting paper cranes. Here's the story...


Decorated Easter fence brightens busy Southeast intersection

Bright flowers and an Easter‐decorated fence have caught the eye of a BEE photographer


Children's health fair held at Brooklyn church

Children's teeth are the better for a clinic held in the Brooklyn neighborhood recently....


Girl Scouts' Little Free Food Pantry opens in Westmoreland

They're not just for books anymore ‐‐ in Westmoreland, it's a new "little free food pantry" at Moreland Presbyterian


SMILE 'Easter Egg Hunt' at Oaks Park this year

After two pandemic years without community Easter Egg Hunts, the Sellwood‐Moreland one returns ‐‐ at Oaks Park


Spare bedrooms ‐ one 'affordable housing' alternative?

In the search for "affordable housing", one big resource has been largely overlooked ‐‐ now it's catching on...


Custom embroidery/upholstery shop opens in Brooklyn neighborhood

An embroidery business operates under the radar in the Brooklyn neighborhood. THE BEE paid a visit...

EVENTS and Activities

Here's our wrapup of the nonprofit public events and activities we've been informed of in Southeast for May!


Sellwood-Moreland Business Alliance returns to action, in theater

After a quiescent period, the Sellwood‐Westmoreland business association moves to rebuild after the pandemic