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Eastmoreland plant sale returns ‐ with a gala, live music, events

A popular plant sale marks the end of pandemic restrictions by returning to Eastmoreland upcoming in May

Franz Bakery Outlet Store on SE 45th closes permanently

For decades, Inner Southeast families have made weekly trips to patronize the Franz Store near Johnson Creek Blvd

Scrappy former FHS robotics team wins district competition

FIRST Robotics Team 1432 ‐‐ which started at Franklin High ‐‐ has distinguished itself again in regional competition

Historic: A 'Snow Day' in April!

It was white. It was cold. It was snow ‐‐ enough to close the schools ‐‐ in the middle of April! Just amazing!

A final goodbye to the feral cats of the Springwater Trail

A colony of feral cats near the Ross Island Bridge has lost its last member, saddening faithful volunteers who fed them

Prepare for big 'in-person' Multnomah County Fair at Oaks Park

For the first time in two years the Multnomah County Fair will freely welcome visitors, Memorial Day Weekend, at Oaks Park

America's oldest-operating amusement park begins its 117th season

Sellwood's own nonprofit amusement park started in 1905, and has been staffed continuously ever since

Police recover a stolen Oregon Music Hall of Fame signed guitar

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame has gotten one stolen guitar back; but dozens are still missing. Can you help...

Girl Scouts' Little Free Food Pantry opens in Westmoreland

They're not just for books anymore ‐‐ in Westmoreland, it's a new "little free food pantry" at Moreland Presbyterian

SMILE 'Easter Egg Hunt' at Oaks Park this year

After two pandemic years without community Easter Egg Hunts, the Sellwood‐Moreland one returns ‐‐ at Oaks Park

'Road rage' may have triggered shooting near Woodmere School

Angry motorists are a real problem. They are even more of a problem if they fire guns near an elementary school

Spare bedrooms ‐ one 'affordable housing' alternative?

In the search for "affordable housing", one big resource has been largely overlooked ‐‐ now it's catching on...